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January 10, 1994

Dear Steve,

Sorry about the bounced check.  I just wanted to drop you a note, however, to say that $34.00 seems a bit steep for a bounced check. I’m also getting a little sick of the current administration’s use of parking as a source of revenue. I have often received several tickets within an hour for an expired meter, issued by fat cops and the gutter trash you hire as meter maids. I’ve also noticed that you’ve been putting Tow Zone signs on every corner that used to be No Parking. This forces citizens to pay for parking, often when it’s not entirely necessary, and of course, the city adds a hefty tax to every parking fee. 

This may seem like a clever way to raise money for your ghost payrolls, but in fact, you’ve gone too far — you’re making life in this city intolerable for the average guy who needs a car to get around, and doesn’t feel like risking his life by riding the El. I so look forward to the day when Daley is voted out of office, and each and every one of you cocksuckers is thrown out into the street where you belong, left to wander endlessly, looking for your cars, which unfortunately have been towed by Streets and Sanitation, retitled out of state, and sold in sleazy used car lots.  Burn in hell, you miserable pricks…


Terry Runte’